Carrière Frères Scented Candle in Rose

$ 85.00

A unique marriage of scents, Laos Benzoin and Damask Rose compose a woody and floral perfume inside which resin and rose petals come together. Feminine and poetic, the Christmas scented candle reveals the noble character of Damask Rose, a divine symbol since Antiquity.

Laos Benzoin has aromatherapeutic virtues that have been praised for a long time. Associated with Damask rose, it;

✓ Purifies the air.

✓ Rebalances and soothes the nervous system.

✓ Contributes to positive and harmonious emotions.

Benzoin diffuses a floral scent, woody and slightly sweet. Associated with rose notes, the bouquet becomes oriental and even more delicate.

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 40 to 45 hours
Dimensions: H: 9 cm Ø: 7.5 cm