Kid Made Modern Wooden Robot Kit

$ 29.99

No robotics degree required to build and customize these robots. This craft kit includes everything you need to build a trio of wooden robots. And crafting them is only half the fun. Once they’re done, their movable arms and legs make them fantastic toys.

  • Each paint brush is labeled with its proper name to help educate young artists
  • Makes a great gift
  • 1 large robot: 3.5" wide x 6.5" high
  • 1 medium robot: 3.5” wide x 6” high
  • 1 small robot: 3” wide x 5” high
  • Ages 6 and up


  • 3 different wooden robots with easy to move arms and legs
  • 3 crazy printed sticker sheets
  • 12 acrylic paints
  • 1 small round brush
  • 1 medium round brush
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