Lovers By Peynet

$ 25.00

Beloved, late French illustrator Raymond Peynet is perhaps best known for his charming "lovers" immortalized in dolls, books, and accessories as the perfect symbols of amour. This delightful book presents a selection of Peynet's whimsical drawings along with quotations by famous writers on love. Created in 1942, in front the bandstand of Valence in Drôme, Raymond Peynet illustrated his couple of lovers that would quickly grow to gain worldwide popularity. Delicate in construction, his simple line drawings contain meanings that are anything but. The loving couple is depicted all over Paris, taking part in different activities and portrayed in varied locations. Looking at an illustration, the first thing you notice is the eyes, then the nose, the mouth, and the hat—his signature features. One line defines the ridge of the nose, beginning at the tip and reaching beyond the eyebrows—a style that was typical of his time. The eyes evoke innocence, and the mouth—a little dot or a small line—is never vulgar. Furthermore, the delicacy of the line draws you into a world of fantasy, an ambiance of pleasure and love. In Peynet's day, illustrators took their time and invited the viewer to do the same when contemplating a drawing. Peynet occasionally used pastels and gouache (materials reminiscent of childhood) to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Today, these color tones are seldom used: In the digital world of the Internet and Photoshop, hardly anyone remembers gouache. Flipping through these pages, remember a world of innocence and carelessness—the beauty of Peynet's Lovers.