Petrichor Scented Candle

$ 120.00

Theres a word for the smell of the earth after rain: petrichor. Based on two Ancient Greek words: ptros, meaning stone, and chr, referring the liquid from the Gods. The scent is created by microbes in the soil interacting with warm water and its intoxicated people for as long as the rains have been falling. Flamingo Estate releases this very limited-edition candle on January 1st each year. Made from meticulously sourced Myrhh, Amber, Vetiver, Sage, and Eucalyptus. Its an invitation to wash away what no longer serves you, and welcome in the fresh, new Earth. Mother Nature, born anew. 100% vegetable wax, double cotton wick, 85h burn time, and fully recyclable glass.


100% vegetable wax with a cotton wick, and fully recyclable glass