Nugget Candle/Vase

$ 266.00

Gold Nugget

“These beautiful little white gold art pieces can decorate your home or dinner table for the holidays and beyond. They are gold on the inside and very special light warm and soothing for your soul.

When finish, they make beautiful pieces to hold your jewelry to hold your crystals or wood palo Santos in any room.”

Scents of essential oils of bergamot lime and eucalyptus with Orris..

All hand made and crafted to express everyone’s unique light in the world. Thru Love.

Approximately -
All LIGHT REIGN Pieces are One of a Kind. The Organic Shapes allow for the Soothing Variations you see in each Piece. This Hand-Blown Glass may vary in Color, Size, and Shape.
8 oz - Custom Hand Poured Blend - All Natural Soy & Coconut Wax with Essential Oils
Scent - Wax lightly scented with Essential Oils

Approx. Burn Time - 40 hrs
Hand Wash with Hot Water. Do not microwave or put in the dishwasher. When expired - Hand wash with hot water to soften and get remaining wax out. Scoop remaining wax into trash bin. Do not pour down the drain. Use a long utensil to dig out the wick holder and wash entirely with hot water and gentle soap. Finish with glass cleaner to get it squeaky clean and ready to pour into again or used in some other fabulous fashion. Hold jewelry, crystals, flowers, seashells - Life. Fill with Love and Enjoy Your Continued Journey!