$ 145.00
By Tensira


100% cotton, hand-dyed
Envelope closure

24" X 24"

Discover our wide selection of timeless cushion covers designed with a practical envelope closure. Available in several sizes, our cushion covers are the perfect choice to add an elegant touch to your interior, whether on your sofa, bed, or a beautiful Tensira overlay mattress set.

Tie&dye, indigo, plain fabrics or elegant stripes?

Our collection offers you a wide range of fabrics. At Tensira, we invite you to let your creativity flow by mixing and matching these cushion covers to create your own story and design a unique universe that perfectly fits into your interior decor.

Each cushion cover can be purchased with an inner cushion made of 100% natural fiber.

Our tip: bring rhythm to your decor by alternating between square and rectangular cushions. This combination of shapes and sizes will energize and bring life to your decor!

With Tensira, transform your home into a unique place and create an interior that reflects your style.