The Art of the White Shirt

$ 14.99

In this short illustrated style guide, Brooklyn-based designer VanderPloeg showcases her own fashion designs under the premise that a simple white shirt creates endless style possibilities, “serving as a simple blank canvas or dramatic structured centerpiece,” as well as offering fashion liberation and comfort. The author makes the case that white shirts help to accentuate the essence of an individual look, rather than overwhelm one’s personal presentation with extravagant design. The simplicity of a white shirt—a V-neck T-shirt, a gauzy peasant top, a button-down, or even a plain tunic—invites tasteful accessorizing, liberates and empowers the wearer, and, best of all, saves money. The book includes a particularly helpful section on how to launder the shirt, so often a magnet for spills and stains. (The trick is to act quickly and decisively, not allowing the stain to set.) The book is a pleasant presentation highlighting the bounty and grace of the simplest kind of dressing up.